Izmir Shuttle Service
Izmir Shuttle Service

Shuttle Services to the location:

shuttles service will be available from the 22nd of July 2015 from 10:00 AM till the last flight.

The shuttles will Depart from two different meeting points:

From Izmir Airport-From 22.7 at 10:00 A:M till apx. 03:00 A:M – Wednesday to Saturday night-and back from Sunday the 26th till Wednesday the 29th in the afternoon. there are always means of transportation available and waiting at the door. just come and ask at  door info point.
From Bostanli station-10:00 AM till 00:00 AM – Wednesday to Friday night and after that from 10:00AM till 18:00PM until Sunday night.
Please use only Tree of Life Shuttles!
(other wise normal taxies are blocking our gate-thank you.)

Smart pickup :

+90 (0) 507-419-52-42 (Whats up)

This is A magical whats up Number -send your location from anywhere in Izmir and our Taxi Company will send you a Taxi with 15% Discount-save it for a sunny day.

Shuttle prices:

  1. From the airport of Izmir (15 Euro/50Tkl)
  2. From Bostanli Vapur iskelesi station. (8 Euro/25Tkl)
  3. İZMİR OTOGAR - Free shuttles from Otogar to Bostanli available – ask for it. These shuttles are a free service but in case you need a taxi from anywhere in the city to Bostanli or Airpoint points simply call this numbers for cheap taxi rates

    For English Phone : +90506 443 35 96
    For Turkish Phone : +90507 419 52 42 Oz
if you arrive late you can share a taxi to karagol lake-that will bring you to the checkpoint and from there you use the free shuttle for the last 5km.


look for the Tree Of Life staff at the airport, they will be there to help you get safely on a The shuttles .
Shuttles are small vans and will depart when full!
Payments are per ride-before departure.

Safe Travels.

Please Spread the Love!