Once you get there
Once you get there

Once you get there

Hotels in Izmir

If you wish to stay in a hotel during the festival, Izmir can provide you with great comfort,and the distance from us is very close. There are many different hotels in the city center available, everything depends on how much you are willing to spend to have a good rest.
In order to find what suits you the best, you can pay a visit to tripadvisor.co.uk

But, we recommend you to stay among us, camping facilities are free of charge during the festival.

Rent a Car

The major car rental companies are availble in Izmir. You can chose you favourite one:

All those companies above have desks in Izmir’s airport to make your life easier. Drive safe!

Rent a Caravan

For people who like comfortable camping in a caravan, there are a few companies in Turkey that offer the possibility to rent one.

There is a Limited designated area for caravans within the festival’s area. People who wish to park inside will be asked to pay an extra fee of 15€ per day.

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