TOLF Art Galleries & Stalls
TOLF Art Galleries & Stalls

This year’s Tree of Life Festival is going to be a visual treat for the eyes and stalls for all. We have sourced artists from all over the globe to join us turn Tree of Life into a mystical forest of illusions and optical sensations. Currently announced are…


Born from the desire to bring Visionary Art into the public sphere and group consciousness, the “Psychedelic Dream Temple” was conceptualised with the aim of showcasing the world’s best Visionary Artists and to inspire people to create their own Visionary Art.


Showcasing the works of 14 Visionaries from around the world, the Temple is a traveling Visionary Art exhibition featuring a variety of art ranging from digital works through to painted originals. Not only do we exhibit art we also create live digital and painted art in the Temple as a way to inspire others to start creating themselves.

As a tribe we need our Visionaries to show us a glimpse of different dimensions and deep universal knowledge.

We find the Temple brings a very unique energy to an event: it gives people the chance to experience and be submerged in the dreams and visions of our artists up close and personal. It is impossible to leave the Temple without feeling inspired, calmed and closer to the universal truth.



Nabella’s paintings is like a visual music. Its rhythms demand richness but also terseness and purity. The colors and textures of feeling and fantasy can furnish us with a tapestry of spiritual insight and guidance. Organically combining her emotions with the language of art, Nabella’s work makes extensive use of her media in a dignified manner with an unrestrained momentum. The language is honest and uninhibited in which an energetic exchange occurs, interfacing and regenerating the process of individuation in the viewer. It is a beautiful experience.

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Shankara Lab

Shankara lab – Sanskrit for “Shan-happiness”, “Kara-making” – a creative laboratory with a wide range of design ideas and their implementation including the development of graphic design as well as scenic art installations, three-dimensional spaces.


The ambitious ideas are involved in the creative team of artists, designers and decorators who all love to experiment with different materials and technologies to transform spaces into a mystical tale based on a special method of creating objects when borrowing ideas of nature and the universe – Biomimetics.


Biomimetics is all the most perfect things has created that men and women should learn from nature, observe their device and relationships, the use of natural systems in modern life. Leonardo da Vinci was a progenitor of the bionic approach same for those who built the aircraft, similar to the wing of a bird. Some of the first examples of bionic modeling was the Eiffel Tower, which was built on the principle of the organization of the tibia.

The Shankara Laboratory conducts art experiments in different directions since 2007. They have designed many’s events in different cities and international festivals such as Misterika, Magic Dew, Live moon, Jazz Koktebel Kupales in Lithuania. They have also participated in exhibitions of contemporary art.

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Welcome, friends, to the world of beauty and beautiful illusion!

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CharatA – exotic handcrafts

The love for dance and for flying through music created the need to embellish the body in a divine way…

The creative genius behind CharatA is Teresa and she first designed pieces for myself and then used my old handicraft techniques to create some new jewellery with that same concept.

charata8 charata1

charata4 charata6

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INTI – heartmade artwork in leather

INTI is a leather art design brand, inspired by Nature and Shamanism. The ancient INTI name – ‘Sun God’ in ‘aymara’, the native language from Bolivia – is the creative and light force behind pieces handmade with love and dedication.

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Clothing Stones – Nikos and Livia Dionysia

We are a little shop with clothes, semi precious stones and macrame.
clothingstones2 clothingstones

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Lithi – Stella Tsaknaki

Lithi sell a wide range sell clothes, jewels and pareo.

More TBA soon…

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