The Power of Stones…
The Power of Stones…

The Tree Of Life Festival

Crystal Grid:

(Very interesting stuff here read carefully.)

A Crystal grid is a layout of crystals chosen for a specific purpose, placed in sacred geometry patterns to connect, clear, amplify, generate and re-direct energy. Crystal gridding helps to better formulate and ground intent, then assist to spread and manifest the sole purpose of that intent.Exposure to crystals raises our vibration, clears physical and emotional blockages, expands our perception and reconnects us with Source.

Crystals create a very powerful web of mass consciousness upon which we all interact and co-create. Through crystal gridding at key locations, using the crystals as tools, the event as the medium, the tremendous Chi generated by the people as the motor and the music- purest form of sacred geometry –as activator, we can harvest those energies to create an organic, intelligent, easily accessible network and form a crystal powered shield around Gaia, to help her trough the last phase of our galactic shift.

As you already know, I am connecting gatherings around the world through crystal grids, in order to reach critical mass and assist the shift towards Unity Consciousness For the Tree of Life festival my idea is to create a gentle but powerful crystal grid focusing on the following intentions:



  • Create a protective shield against human and technological pollution
  • .Manifest and co-create Peace, Abundance and Joy .
  • Achieve group cohesion, harmony and unity in order to rich, then maintain critical mass
  • .Receive, express process and broadcast information to and from a Higher Source
  • .Expand Consciousness and reach Unity Consciousness
  • .Break away from unnecessary core attachments
  • .Attune to the frequency of Love and Light in order to amplify it
  • .Reconnect with Source through the power of Celebration

.Connect The Tree Of Life party to other like minded gatherings in order to create an energy “belt “around the world for peace, unity and global transformation.

The way the crystals are placed as well as what kind of crystal they are, their combinations, their influence on each other, their interaction with each other, our interaction with them, trough them, our interaction with nature trough them, thanks to them…those are only some of the elements that will activate the energy and allow it to flow, grow and transcend.

Those are the crystals I would like to use:


Aegirine is a very important stone that I have been working with intensively for 5 years. It is the best protection against electromagnetic pollution; it works on a personal and on a planetary level. It cleanses us enough so we can start cleansing around us. It brings protection against outside unwanted influences; it’s like a new generation of black tourmaline as it has a sharper vibration and creates an organic adaptable shielding mechanism. It’s also THE stone for self- sufficiency, helping to cut away from everything that became unnecessary. It works on the core level, cutting away attachments carried along for generations. And it’s a connector; it connects within the energy of self- sufficiency as well as with others on that same path, giving momentum to that energy; the stone of the next level.








Herkimer diamonds are incredible amplifiers; their ability to generate, focus and spread energy is truly amazing. They are able to pick up on other crystals vibrations and emphasize them. Also, they are perfect as part of a crystal “circuit”, because of their double terminations, they bring an exponential sense of connectivity, and a profound recognition and understanding of the Chi energy.








Selenite has a very pure, etheric vibration; it’s an excellent stone to invoke a higher guidance, to connect with spirit guide/guardian angel energies; Helps to open to a direct flow from Higher Source. Selenite is a very intense embodiment of Light and is amazing for building grids, and for clearing and cleansing the way forward. Because it’s a fast forming water based crystal, it facilitates the process of acceleration and evolution of consciousness and prepares us for the ascension process.












Prehnite is a stone that helps to connect with nature and re-attune into the Earth electromagnetic pulse in order to become less separated. It guides us towards Source by interconnecting our hearts with the heart of Gaia and shows how to be less in the mind and adopt more instinctive behavior. Prehnite is also a wonderful tool to clear debris from the aura; it assists in cleansing and healing the body and the environment.














Smoky Amethyst is a combination stone, combining the grounding, solid and safe energy of Smoky Quartz with the soothing, calming but very active 3rd eye opening vibration of Amethyst. It’s a very well balanced crystal who teaches to look beyond what we would usually see; it’s like a key that helps to unlock possibilities and understand new paradigms but without losing the ground under our feet.Here it becomes the facilitator between the people and nature, the people and the crystals, and the crystals and nature. It’s a stone for communion and communication as well as for defining boundaries and spiritual awakening and growth.









Dioptase helps the release of karmic relationship patterns, relationship with the self and with Earth included. It dissolves old, dysfunctional, self sabotaging habits and reflexes and frees us from constricting obvious programming. It alleviates anger, mood swings, frustration and aggression by balancing left and right brain and restoring chemical balance.

It unlocks our capacity of self rejuvenation and cell regeneration as well as our ability to forgive and surrender into unconditional Love and Light.







Apophyllite is an inter-dimensional portal; it carries the vibrations of higher planes and helps us to attune to them. It’s an amazing stone to lift the veil of forgetfulness and to remind us that we are all One. It stimulates the higher mind, expands consciousness by showing how to be more in the now. It increases inner vision, enhances clarity and helps to connect with other-dimensional beings. It’s like a communication device, helps to receive directions from the Higher self and merge them into Mass Consciousness. It broadcasts and connects energy from different planes, different realms and bring them together into one, intersperses, intergalactic and inter-temporal Unity Consciousness.










.Azeztulite is a very new and still very rare stone, one of the crystals of the new consciousness. It thought to be engineered by Higher beings, the Azez, to be a channel between bases during inter-dimensional traveling. Our understanding of crystals and of ourselves in general is shifting and opening that’s why we now becoming ready to attune to the very high Light frequency of Azeztulite and start downloading, processing and utilizing crucial information it has about Gaia’ s health and healing. Azeztulite helps those who are telepathic windows or inter -dimensional engineers to start reclaiming knowledge from genetic memory banks. It brings to life alternate realities, expanding our understanding and our perceptions. Because it carries the energy of the “Nameless Light “or “Great Central Sun”, its able to show us the cellular blockages we maintained for centuries as a result of our emotional patterns and programming and helps us to extend our cellular consciousness. Earth’s crust is 70%quartz crystal, Azeztulite reconnect us with it in order for us to aid Earth’s cellular rejuvenation. Activating Azeztulite energy at certain points on the planet will help in healing the total organism of Gaia.










Topaz is the stone for manifestation, it helps-a lot-to express an intention clearly enough so that it can become aligned with the Divine Will and manifest itself in the physical world. It teaches to maintain attention and focus long enough for manifestation to occur. It restores trust and faith, things just fall into place; it reminds us that we are able to be conscious co-creators. It’s a stone of truth that helps us align with our Higher path and our Higher Purpose in order to manifest spiritual awakening. Topaz also brings Joy, Happiness, well being and playfulness and within the pleasure of those emotions helps to feel our bodies at one with our minds and hearts.









Danburite a stone for spiritual evolution .It has a very intense etheric energy, almost piercing, breaking through. It facilitates inter-dimensional travel and communication with different spiritual entities. It first calms and quietens, then transports and awakens. It’s an amazing stone to help us reconnect with Source. It brings us into resonance with high frequency Light energy and shows us how to use it for service to the world; an awareness expanding crystal.









Orange River -red- Cluster is for creativity, inspiration birth and new beginnings, it is an amplifier and activator for Co-creation and stimulates and helps to ground collective creative intent..









Pyrite is a strong grounding stone; it helps to balance polarities, stimulates cognitive thinking and sharpens the will to know. It helps to anchor energy fields within the body and the environment. Also a stone of manifestation it transforms energy into action. Carries very beneficial and very protective golden ray energy and helps process and integrate high frequencies.









Moldavite is a very unique stone, about 14.8 million years ago a meteorite fell on earth, the power of the impact was such that matter was projected back into the atmosphere and then rained down back to earth’s surface as a gas solidifying itself into Moldavite. It’s the only crystal with a different DNA structure due to the fact that it encompasses terrestrial and extraterrestrial energies. Moldavite accelerates our vibration and brings us closer to our Higher self and our Higher path. It contains a very strong and very easily felt cosmic vibration that connects us with each other, with Gaia and with the Universe. It helps making past/present/future links and accelerates our spiritual and emotional growth and development as well as the evolution of our consciousness into unity consciousness. It’s a stone for massive transformation, cleansing and change on all levels. It carries an intense frequency that deeply reawakens and activates the entire chakra system, stimulates the kundalini and helps dislodging psychic debris in order to kick start fast spiritual development. It’s more a stone for activation than for healing, it brings to the surface what we most need to recognize honor, integrate or get rid of. It’s the mother of all crystals and reminds us who we are and where we come from. It gives us the courage to follow our Higher path and be aware of the bigger picture and is an amazing guide in showing us how to become at service to the Whole.









I hope this gives you a better idea of what a Crystal Grid is and how important the crystals are and how much they can benefit the gathering itself as well as the healing of our planet.


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