Festival FAQ
Festival FAQ

Tree of Life Festival Frequently Asked Questions

Due to popular demand we have created this page to answer frequently asked questions that we are regularly receiving about this years festival.

Q.  When, Where & How long is the Festival?
A.  The Festival take place in at Karagol Lake, Izmir, Turkey. doors open on 18/6/14  with music on lake stage only.main stage starts on 19.6.14 and finishes on 23/6/14 evening time. 24/25.6 we do an after party on the lake stage.please arrive on the 18th and not before.

Q.  How do I get there?

Shuttles Will run From The 18th of june  at 10:00 Am,Shuttles depart when full and you can also get on a Taxi if you find partners and get a good Price.More Info about Shuttles here!

Q.  Where can I buy Tickets?

A.  Few options…You can either buy online from our Facebook Page via Ticketino  or buy from Hadra Shop or Access All Areas ticket Stores.

if you  don’t want to buy online you can track down the nearest ticket ambassador who will sell you tickets directly.

Q. power outlets on site?
A. we have set up few spots so you can charge your phones, devices, gadgets and other electrical thingymabobs.

Q.  What is the minimum age of entry? 18
A. This is an 18+ event, you must bring your official ID, either Drivers License (for Turkey) or Passports (for Internationals).

Q.  How do I get to the Festival from my country? 
A.  All the info for this is on our transportation page

Q.  Where and when can I rent tents ?
Tent Rental Will be Available on Site Only-you can reserve in advance from end of february-simply e mail us at info@electreelife.com

Q. What do I do once I get to Izmir?
A. There are plenty of option, take a look at our Once you get there page

Q. what can and cant we bring?
A.  To best place to find out what to bring and what not to bring is on our Rules & Recommendations page

Q. Money, what is accepted? Roughly how much do they need to bring minimum?
A.  Mainly Euro/USD$/And Turkish Lira Are expected,we will try to get an ATM up there this year.TBA

Q. Can we arrive a day before the festival starts, in the festival area?
Not only is it possible but we highly recommended it, Doors are Open on the 18Th of June  and main stage starts on 19! Arrive on this date and you will find a good spot, set up camp and settle in. For those wondering, yes there will be food stalls and a bar open from the day before the festival starts.

Can we stay after the festival and leave later?
Since we need to clean the location we kindly ask everyone to leave by the 25 of June during the day time.

Q. Any travel tips / advice that travellers should know?
A.  We have plenty more info and even more answers to general advice & guidelines on our Rules & Recommendations page

Have more questions that haven’t been answered?   Ask them via messaging our Facebook fan page and if they are regular questions we here often we will update this page with new answers every few weeks!

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